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Gabapentin; Used For Anxiety? — June 17, 2017

Gabapentin; Used For Anxiety?

So I was just prescribed Gabapentin to treat my anxiety, but being the nerd that I am I looked this up and it looks like this is primarily used to treat bi-polar disorder…wtf….shouldn't somebody tell me if I am bi-polar?

Are other people who are not bi-polar taking this medication for anxiety?

I am wondering if my psychiatric team is hiding something from me…….

Feeling badly judged by group member —

Feeling badly judged by group member

After giving birth, my depression had returned and I am suffering from pmdd(pms times 100) We were talking about explosive outbursts when one may kick or hit things out of anger. I talked my experience, I kick and hit thing I know I will not break and only end up hurting myself, because I get so mad at myself. One of the group members said I sounded JUST like her brother in an anxious tone. Mind you her brother beats the crap out of her, doesn't take his meds or try to get better, smokes pot…

Feeling badly judged by group member

Difficult times — June 16, 2017
Hello out there —

Hello out there

Hi. I'm both a supporter (for 20+years) and a (relatively recently clued in) sufferer. Both my partner and I experienced childhood sexual abuse. The circumstances and the long-term effects have been very different for both of us: he has always known what happened and has dealt with depression and rage for many years. For me — a "high-functioning survivor," in the view of my therapist — formerly repressed memories of family abuse have only begun to surface recently, in midlife, in a very…

Hello out there

My first counselor —

My first counselor

So my first counselor basically ruined my entire therapy process because I don't think I can EVER trust a therapist after this. I got pregnant when I was 19 and went to live in a maternity home and part of the program was that we received free "counseling" it was almost like we were forced to share ourselves with this woman in order to be in the program which I needed to be in because I had no where else to go. Anyways we discussed issues concerning my dad and how he raped and sexually…

My first counselor

Mother in law anxiety —

Mother in law anxiety

My mother in law lives 8 hours away, so I don't have to deal with her much. She's nice, but is incredibly passive aggressive and if she doesn't get her way will throw adult tantrums. Recently, she asked to move in with us, claiming my office as "her" bedroom. I run my own business so my office is the room of my house I'm most often in so that pissed me off. We have 2 other guest rooms she could have picked. We told her she couldn't move in with us, it just wouldn't work. She's also the…

Mother in law anxiety

My Sunset – What Does Yours Look Like? —
Any people who escaped felons, human trafficers,and satanists out here ? —

Any people who escaped felons, human trafficers,and satanists out here ?

or homeless childhood experiences. Just curious because someone suggested you are never alone and people have "common" problems. Of course that is just the beginning. Not generally having PTSD issues anymore but I found the statement a generalization and isolation seems a most healing tool against ignorance. My past will always be, and it generally will not mesh with people however as long as people do their job at work (otherwise I tend to be the workhorse and try to stay focused – almost…

Any people who escaped felons, human trafficers,and satanists out here ?

Hitting send… —

Hitting send…

Has anyone ever emailed your T in a moment of desperation, or feeling like you need to be heard, then felt incredibly embarrassed/needy for sending it? I have been very reluctant in therapy to open up at all, so when it all comes rushing out in an honest email I feel embarrassed. I don't want her to think of me as too needy, but maybe needy is what I need to be in order to learn how to address my needs in healthy ways.

I don’t know if my friend is crossing boundaries or is legitimately trying to help me —

I don’t know if my friend is crossing boundaries or is legitimately trying to help me

My friend has noticed that I've been getting worse and feels really close to wanting to call an ambulance. I don't blame her and I am well aware that talking to her about this stuff is not correct. I don't want to, but she insists and I get so desperate to talk about it somewhere that I end up impulsively talking to her. Sometimes I wish I didn't because, although I know she cares, she reacts in ways that makes me feel bad or I'll think she's really upset. I know it stresses her out and she…

I don't know if my friend is crossing boundaries or is legitimately trying to help me