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Refreshed And A Raise — September 26, 2016

Refreshed And A Raise

After a slightly bumpy stay on the East Coast of Mexico and overcoming a lack of awareness, I arrived home safe, refreshed and ready to work. A pleasant surprise bestowed me; a hefty raise to commence next pay check, making me feel like my work is indeed valued. Although there are other things that are still leaving me very down the light is getting brighter.

Log Your Daily Exercise —

Log Your Daily Exercise

I thought a thread where people can motivate one another by logging your daily exercise, to maybe compete a little, motivate, get others started and competing here in what exercise you do.

I do mean exercise — in that you actually go and workout — whether it be power walking, running, cycling, rowing, weights, et cetera. Actual timed exercise where you workout your body.

So I will start….

Saturday — 30km cycle ride & 5km run.

Sunday — 30km cycle ride.

Terrified —



I find myself here for support. My friends are tired of hearing about the crazy that is my life. I have friends with this horrible condition and get solace with/from them. Mostly confirmation that the messed up experiences I'm going through aren't only with me.

A little back story (not sure how much to share). From age 14-24 dealt with mistreatment by physicians. 2012 the UN determined that the "treatments" are torture.

I can go for quite a while without that history stirring…


How Do I Have The Courage To Tell My Friend I Failed Without Believing Im Nothing But A Failure? —

How Do I Have The Courage To Tell My Friend I Failed Without Believing Im Nothing But A Failure?

I thought I could afford to buy my friends car for $500 today. It's worth much much more and they were basically giving it to me in order to have it off their hands. It works great and they were going to give me the title. They are reliable pastors who moved away and someone else dropped the ball with the car. I could really really use the car in a huge way.

I'm beginning to panic as I write this. Shit happened and I can't afford $500 today – not until Friday. The car is being held in an…

How Do I Have The Courage To Tell My Friend I Failed Without Believing Im Nothing But A Failure?

I Will, I Can, One Day —

I Will, I Can, One Day

I avoided becoming a member for awhile, I was hoping it was a temporary dip. I still hope it is . I did become very well for awhile, so I did once know recovery and taste freedom from persistent symptoms. I want that back and I swear, I swear I will be more careful with myself in the future.
I sometimes feel that if I wish hard enough, I would travel back in time and do things differently. I would have the wisdom from today, and a chance to make better choices.
Exactly how far back I would…

I Will, I Can, One Day

Feeling Unlovable After An Abusive Relationship? —

Feeling Unlovable After An Abusive Relationship?

I was diagnosed with PTSD about 4 months ago after separating from my wife, I was abused as a child, was a child prostitute, the death of my brother, my uncles Suicide, the breakdown of my parents marriage and finally being in a 6 year highly abusive relationship with my (still technically) wife, which resulted in my 2 year old daughter who I love and care for dearly, and my ex will be giving birth to my son in about two months, but she hasn't allowed me to see my daughter since june.


Feeling Unlovable After An Abusive Relationship?

Donald Trump’s Popularity To Date —

Donald Trump’s Popularity To Date

About a month ago, Donald Trump's lawyer, the man who Trump hired to advise and represent him on legal matters, claimed that "you can't rape your spouse." (Article on

His poll numbers kept rising. He has been called a truth speaker, cutting through BS in a way Americans crave. People have rejected the insults, and yet still supported him for other reasons. He could finally help the economy, cut through…

Donald Trump's Popularity To Date

I Trigger Flashbacks And He Makes Me Responsible. Help! —

I Trigger Flashbacks And He Makes Me Responsible. Help!

Hi everyone,
unfortunately my boyfriend is in such a raw state, almost any word or comment on my part triggers intense panic attacks and flashbacks.

Six months ago I asked him to bring a VERY important piece of mail to me, he's since then put it off, forgotten, whathaveyou. Last night I pressed again and he replied glibly, prompting me to tell him I get the feeling he just doesn't seem to care about my needs. He went into total freak out, meltdown, panic mode, and has had intense…

I Trigger Flashbacks And He Makes Me Responsible. Help!

Why Am I Not Over Him? —

Why Am I Not Over Him?

I know that this is question I need to be asking myself and have been doing it for the last 2+ months already. I took a break from the forum to allow myself sometime to reflect on things but I think I'm not doing well to be honest.

I have been struggling with panic attacks, insomnia, Depression and crying spells. I don't get it. I was the one who reported him to the police for sexual assault which he did commit not once but several times. My "No" was never enough for him, he was jealous of…

Why Am I Not Over Him?

Shadows In The Midst Of Flames —