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Marijuana Vs Benzo Drugs — May 25, 2017

Marijuana Vs Benzo Drugs

I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with both of these drugs and how they compare. I think these drugs are similar in the fact that they are both "rescue drugs" meaning you take a dose as needed. I think the marijuana's side effects are more fully understood then are the side effect of benzo drugs. There is a much greater risk of physical dependency with benzos. I like the idea of taking something as needed because I don't want to be effected by a drugs side effects on good days.


Marijuana Vs Benzo Drugs

The mighty pen —

The mighty pen

Do you agree with your psychiatrist? Do you agree with their diagnosis and hunches? Does it seem like the world gives them too much credit? A therapist spends hours with a client working through emotional baggage and getting to know them. They generally are calm, and patient, and offer words of encouragement. They spend time thinking about the client as a person, and sort through details that may not have been obvious before the process began.

For the unfortunate ones who are…

The mighty pen

Warm hello to everyone! —

Warm hello to everyone!

Hello! I apologize in advance for mistakes, English is not my mother tongue ;)

I have been wondering recently about the difference between hsp and c-ptsd. I’m not sure which one relates to me. I’m told very often I’m just over-sensitive but I’ve accidentally learnt about c-ptsd and started some research. I’ve been watching some tv show and discovered that I share night terrors and jumpiness with one of the main characters who is likely to have ptsd. I started browsing possible causes of…

Warm hello to everyone!

Sexual Arousal From Flashback —

Sexual Arousal From Flashback

2 things to know about me in advance: I can't burp, and I don't get sexually aroused (unless you really physically force it).

After at least 3 particularly sadistic and painful lesson, my abuser finally decided it was time for me to learn that I was a Whore of God. This lesson was more than just him being his old gentle self…it was erotic. Deliberately erotic and sexually stimulating.

Got no qualms with having been sexually stimulated at the time. Normal physiological reaction…

Sexual Arousal From Flashback

Guilt from hearing violence —

Guilt from hearing violence

So, a little tiny bit of background. I have always had a problem with violent movies. They're one of my biggest triggers. I feel this awful guilt, like, "The characters don't deserve that pain, so why are they feeling it when I'm not?" combined with intense fear that all of the violent things in the movies are going to happen to me.
I feel this guilt a lot and I was watching a really violent movie recently (didn't know it would be so violent), and realized that I think this may still be…

Guilt from hearing violence

Has Your Abuse Left You With Any Permanent Physical Damage? —
Who do you go to for advice when you can’t turn to family? —

Who do you go to for advice when you can’t turn to family?

One thing that has always made me feel insecure is that I have never really had anyone I could turn to for decision making advice especially when growing up and as a young adult. I have the internet now and this forum, but there was a time in my life where the lack of having someone to ask advice from about basic things like friendships, cooking or "does my hair look ok?" would cause me to spiral out out of control.

I guess it fuled my current "research things to death" habit along with my…

Who do you go to for advice when you can't turn to family?

Need Some Ideas About Safety —

Need Some Ideas About Safety

I could really use some ideas on this. There is a therapist I would really like to work with via Skype, but she is concerned about what would happen if the work triggered me into a state where I couldn't keep myself safe, and she wouldn't be here.

It's great that she is thinking ahead like this, and I wish all therapists were this conscientious about safety. But I don't want this to get in the way of what otherwise might be really helpful for me.

I actually don't think that the material…

Need Some Ideas About Safety

Some random advice for you —

Some random advice for you

I have dealt with pretty severe PTSD and dissociation in the past few years.

One random thing that really helped was learning to juggle. Yes, like a clown. Juggling balls grounded me like nothing else. And eased so much anxiety. There is nothing like the forced focus of juggling. It's meditative. Advanced piano pieces also worked to clear my mind but I know music isn't for everyone.

Just my 2 cents. Do something physical that takes a lot of focus. It helped me with PTSD and now I'm a…

Some random advice for you

Video series —

Video series

I'm creating a video series using Amazon Polly voice over, which will entail help videos for every topic relevant to a function here.

The first playlist has been sent live and is linked on the forum home for guests and members with less than 1 post.

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As each video set is releases, I will update this thread with the relevant details.