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What To Do When Disbelieved? — March 23, 2017

What To Do When Disbelieved?

not sure why writing. nearly no hope left. disbelieved about something so much that the pain from that has kept me stuck in pain. it was a very very unlikely event. the person with whom it happened will not corroborate it. can i get through trauma alone? hurting all the time. worn down day by day. tired, so tired hard to function at all. situation so unlikely can't expect many to believe. what do i do? sorry if sound bleak at all. things are bleak and i am giving up day by day….

What To Do When Disbelieved?

Bad Day, Three Panic Attacks. —

Bad Day, Three Panic Attacks.

I'm at school today, on campus. Have a 1 to 3 class, and another one from 7 to 10. Start getting really anxious towards the end of the first class, turns into a major Anxiety attack, maybe even panic attack by the time class lets out. And I'm stuck here for four hours before my 7 o'clock class.

I head to the woman's center to hand out and hide, and calm down. There's a councilor that 2"was leaving, over hears me mention anxiety and steps in to help. Got me tea, invited me to her office to…

Bad Day, Three Panic Attacks.

Suddenly Haunted By A Therapy Termination From 2 Years Ago —

Suddenly Haunted By A Therapy Termination From 2 Years Ago

This is long. I'm sorry about that. I need to write and post it. If anyone might be willing to read this mini-novel and might have feedback, that would be wonderful.

I started to feel a feeling of comfort recently when close to people lately. Deep comfort and closeness.

Last week, I started to freak out. I started pushing everyone in my life offline away and being avoidant. Very avoidant. It worried people which confused me all the more.

The feeling of deep comfort when emotionally…

Suddenly Haunted By A Therapy Termination From 2 Years Ago

Happy Feelings And Energy Hits A Brick Wall —

Happy Feelings And Energy Hits A Brick Wall

Does anyone get this, having feelings/ vague thoughts of wanting so much to laugh, smile, do things, get out and live, speak to people and then realizing you can't then cry

This has been going on for years, but i really felt it badly today, i dont feel i deserve to be happy because of things i've done and the uncomfortableness/fear of the thoughts, feelings and interactions with people, going out, i miss smiling and laughing so much, and feeling its safe to show love,

any tips greatly…

Happy Feelings And Energy Hits A Brick Wall

Quitting Smoking —

Quitting Smoking

I am in a real bind. I feel totally trapped. I am a smoker.

I have been told by EVERY doctor I have to NOT quit smoking. That it is a bad time to do so. Not certain that there will ever be a good time to do so.

I have led up to the stop smoking thing by quitting triggers. Coffee. Sweets. I have been doing smoothies (green) only. Not eating anything bad for me. This has been a 4 week wind up to my quit day.

So, for the past 2 days I have not smoked. And here is what has…

Quitting Smoking

This Excites Me- Curious About Your Experiences With Binaural Beats —

This Excites Me- Curious About Your Experiences With Binaural Beats

Curious if anyone else has tried meditation through binaural beats and had as much effect as me. A head ache will be gone in less than a minute – and it does help me to create new focus and better harmony in times of discord. For inspiration I post this awesome video about cymatics demonstrating the visual aspect of how sound waves travel. Binaural and isochronic tones theoretically in my words over ride thought patterns and invoke a selected or targeted brain wave function- there by…

This Excites Me- Curious About Your Experiences With Binaural Beats

Am I Suppose To Take A Lie Detector To Prove It? —

Am I Suppose To Take A Lie Detector To Prove It?

I called into work as I'm real sick and have no voice (so couldn't talk too much about it) but I turned on today's Dr Phil. I normally don't have too much issue watching things that I've been through. As homework in therapy I have researched human trafficking (which is how I know the term) and cults and torture and sexual sadists and psyco/sociopaths and stuff like that.

Content doesn't trigger me.

And it was of a woman that so reminds me of myself as she is total flat affect like myself…

Am I Suppose To Take A Lie Detector To Prove It?

Climate Change Consequences And Ptsd, Depression, Anxiety — Article —

Climate Change Consequences And Ptsd, Depression, Anxiety — Article

This article goes into a number of consequences of climate change and their links to PTSD and other issues. Flooding, drought, heat-related aggression, forced migration, and other human responses to natural disasters linked to climate change are covered, with real examples. The examples are from developed countries, and it does mention that consequences for people with fewer resources may be far worse.

There is a lot in this article, but I don't want to paste too much per the guidelines!…

Climate Change Consequences And Ptsd, Depression, Anxiety — Article

New Normal Me :) Still Lost —

New Normal Me :) Still Lost

Morning everyone, Well that's what it is in Australia. I had the treatment for PSTD in 2015 doing the lengthy hard road too Cognitive Processing Therapy the hardest 6mths, most of my life thinking it was completely normal to feel jumpy, sad, angry, night terror's, flash backs, anxious, nervous, pain, scared and always on the defence against anything an everyone which taught myself to become numb blocking everything out an gaining a lot of weight " which I'm yet to tackle " that's my next…

New Normal Me :) Still Lost

New And Confused? Car Accident. Help? —

New And Confused? Car Accident. Help?

Hello! I am new to this site, and I hope it serves as some relief while I wait. Bit of a long message, too, I hope you don't mind!

I was in a car accident over a year ago, the car I was in (I wasn't driving) was basically T-boned, car wrote off, I was wrote off from work physically.. a whole fiasco. Now, the accident wasn't as bad as some, and for that I am thankful that myself and the other two people involved (the driver of the car I was in, and the driver of the other car involved) were…

New And Confused? Car Accident. Help?