How To Tell If A Man You Know Could Rape You.

NB: I am a man. This is only my opinion. I welcome disagreement/debate. I am 100% anti-rape…in all circumstances.

So, I know, that there are many women(and men as well) who have been raped and live in fear of it happening again. I deeply relate to the fear and the inability to trust and you all have my deepest compassion for the suffering you have endured. All of you desperately want to avoid ever being raped again(who wouldn't understand?)…but how can you tell if a man you know…

How To Tell If A Man You Know Could Rape You.


I was so excited by this, I just had to share it — my little baby said his first word!!!! At only 3 months!!!! I was stunned, i couldn't help but start crying. He said, "Hello!" (I say "hello" to him every morning, and every time I come back into the room after walking into a different room for something. I also talk to him all throughout the day, through everything we do together. I guess it helps!) I couldn't believe it when he said it; at first it was like "Huh-wuh" and not enunciated…


Cps Called On Me B/c Mental Health

I had a friend call CPS on me because my house was very messy and Seriquil had me sleeping almost all the time. off of it now. I have been dx'd with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, PTSD, borderline personality disorder, severe recurrent major Depression…I am beside myself scared to death! My house is much cleaner, but i can't seem to stop shaking due to nerves and i have vistiril! !! I am almost constantly in tears. I met with them already. They will be coming unannounced about 4 times a…

Cps Called On Me B/c Mental Health

Emdr And Sleep

Has anyone noticed a major change in amount of sleep during EMDR therapy?

I do have a sleeping disorder, but my symptoms remained stable until the intensive EMDR began. Even before my trauma, I could hop out of bed and just "go." Now, I cannot get enough sleep. Today's the 2 yr anniversary of hell breaking loose, so I'm not surprised I slept for 13 hours.

I like that I'm sleeping a lot (a stark difference from my usual patterns induced by my sleep disorder). But I'm worried this will be…

Emdr And Sleep

New – Scared To Post This (long – Sorry)

Hi everyone. This probably isn't in the right section but here goes. Please know that I am not a troll and have legit things to say/ I have been lurking for quite some time and now want to share. Don't want to share too much about my Abuse yet (childhood and recent). New to trauma therapy.

Anyway, I went to my T this morning. He wanted to do a guided meditation/relaxation session. Revealing and odd experience. It probably went on for 20 minutes, not sure. At one point he said, "Your…

New – Scared To Post This (long – Sorry)

Emotional Abuse: Ashamed It Caused Trauma In Me

Today a somewhat new friend (we work together on a care farm) asked about what my diagnosis is and what the reasons for my trauma are.

I notice that I find it really difficult to talk about that. I know this friend is suffering from complex PTSD herself and has been through lots of bad stuff, bad childhood, among other things. I have severe symptoms (strong dissociation, lots of emotional turmoil, psychosis). But many people have been through things much and much worse than me. I feel…

Emotional Abuse: Ashamed It Caused Trauma In Me

Stopped Husband’s Near-fatal Suicide Attempt And Now I Have Ptsd.

I'll just jump in and say I am in EMDR therapy. My husband was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and was hospitalized 37 days total over two hospitalizations (locked psych ward). After he was released the 1st time, he made a near-lethal, very bloody attempt (3 modes of Suicide at once). I located him via GPS and stopped the attempt by intervening with the carbon monoxide and then he began to cut himself and exposed his femoral artery. EMS helped stabilize him and he went…

Stopped Husband's Near-fatal Suicide Attempt And Now I Have Ptsd.